Graphic Art

A long story unfolds in the various pages of this area on my website. It tells the timeline of my paintings and shows an exploration in technique that is more inquisitive than masterful. I am using visual art to ask questions that sometimes relate to my music, or run parallel to it with different answers, different vocabulary.

Artworks For Sale:

Almost all of the art shown here is for sale (except for those that have already been sold.) If you see an image in these pages that interests you, please contact me directly to inquire about it. The pieces are original, one-of-a-kind works on paper or canvas. These are not prints. While I have placed some Paypal buttons on a few of the pieces as a guideline, my tests have shown the buttons don’t actually work very well; so, just use the contact form on this website and ask me. When a work is sold, I will place [SOLD] next to the title under the image. – RR

Graphic Art Pre-2018.

Graphic Art Early 2018.

Graphic Art Summer 2018.

Graphic Art Late Summer 2018.

Graphic Art Autumn 2018.

Graphic Art Spring 2019.

Graphic Art Acceleration Dream 2019.