Graphic Art Autumn 2018



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Now in September, I am trying to push some boundaries of this ink decalcomania. It seems to work best at small sizes, but I would love to develop some techniques to make it bigger. A few recent sessions did not really help me much, in my quest. I changed a few methods around, to experiment with my tools and procedure. I got some decent smaller size experiments, but the larger ones are less than what I was hoping. Here are some of the better results.

Imprint Canyon 1 (14×17″) 15 Sept 2018

Imprint Canyon 2 (14×17″) 15 Sept 2018

Imprint Texture 1 (14×17″) 15 Sept 2018

Imprint Texture 2 (18×24″) 15 Sept 2018

Imprint 1 (9×12″) 15 Sept 2018

Imprint 2 (9×12″) 15 Sept 2018

Imprint 5 (9×12″) 15 Sept 2018

Imprint 7 (14×17″) 15 Sept 2018

Imprint 8 (14×17″) 15 Sept 2018

Quick survey of experiments in early October, inspired by the spores of a fungus called Pisolithus tinctorius, which I have been observing for years but had not yet tried using it to make ink. These are a few of the better results from those experiments. I feel like I am reaching a place where the work looks like it was a natural occurrence rather than an act of creation, and I am very happy about that development.

Week of October 15 (2018) I tried to push some limits with both ink and marbling. I really don’t feel that I had any breakthroughs, though. I like a few of these, (maybe I will comment later on). I am only showing some that I liked better – and not showing some that I will destroy or maybe try to rework.

Early November, back into the bath of fungus inks and mineral pigments. Some of these are rather interesting, in that they feel like they came from natural phenomena rather than through human activity. A few of these might get another little bit of work, if I decide they aren’t finished after staring at them for a while.


Alien Planet, 14×17″ 6 Nov 2018 [SOLD]

Burlwood, 14×17″ 6 Nov 2018

Cave Opening, 14×17″ 6 Nov 2018

Floating Lakes, 14×17″ 6 Nov 2018

Green Canyon, 11×14″ 6 Nov 2018

Open Pillars, 14×17″ 6 Nov 2018

Quixote, 14×17″ 6 Nov 2018

Remnant Haze, 14×17″ 6 Nov 2018

Running Land, 14×17″ 6 Nov 2018

Sandstone Horizon, 14×17″ 6 Nov 2018

Sandstone Shore, 14×17″ 6 Nov 2018

Sediment Crossection, 11×14″ 6 Nov 2018

Sweep, 14×17″ 6 Nov 2018

Topography, 18×24″ 6 Nov 2018


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