Robert’s Paintings

  • Graphic Art – Paintings and thoughts about art. Some of these might be for sale in the future.

Gear for Sale

Robert’s Other Sites

  • Soundscape Store – run by Robert’s wife, Dixie. Ask for signatures!
  • Atlas Dei – promoting the film by Dan Colvin with Robert Rich.
  • Amoeba – the old site for Robert’s group with Rick Davies.
  • – Robert’s archives of old stuff, future possibilities.
  • Flavor Notes – Robert’s writings on food, wine, mushrooms, etc.

Music Download

  • Robert’s Bandcamp Page – You can find high resolution downloads of rarities and live concerts here, and almost all of Robert’s catalog (except for the HoS titles.)
  • CD Baby – one of the best places to buy RR’s downloads or physical CDs, now including FLAC.
  • Musiczeit – with lossless FLAC encoding and high quality artwork.
  • iTunes – selling most RR titles (access through iTunes software)

YouTube Video and Media


  • Hypnos – co-releasing Inner Landscapes, Humidity , Sunyata, Somnium
  • Valley – Valley now owns the HOS Records catalog, with many RR titles.
  • DiN – Ian Boddy’s label with Outpost, Lithospehere, React
  • Projekt – releasing Roach, Vidna Obmana, Alio Die and other friends
  • Sombient/Asphodel – created Throne of Drones and its sequels



Web Radio

  • Hearts of Space – Weekly radio & Robert’s main label 1989-1998
  • Echoes – John Diliberto’s daily musical journey
  • Ultima Thule – Australian ambient/spacemusic show


  • Sound Hack – a great free sound mangling tool for the Mac
  • Sacred Geometry – an interest that has infused much of Robert’s music