Robert’s Paintings

Graphic Art

Paintings and thoughts about art. Inquire through the contact form on this website if you are interested in purchasing originals.

Gear for Sale

Items for Sale from Robert’s Studio

Fully functional gear used on past albums. Time to make some space around here. Inquire through the contact form on this website if you are interested in purchasing.

Robert’s Other Sites

Soundscape Store

Run by Robert’s wife, Dixie. Ask for signatures!

Atlas Dei

Promoting the film by Dan Colvin with Robert Rich.


The old site for Robert’s group with Rick Davies.

Robert’s archives of old stuff, future possibilities.

Flavor Notes

Robert’s writings on food, wine, mushrooms, etc.

Music Download

Robert’s Bandcamp Page

You can find high resolution downloads of rarities and live concerts here, and almost all of Robert’s catalog (except for the HoS titles.)

YouTube Video and Media

Robert’s main YouTube channel

Here’s various concert videos and some moments of life and art.

Robert’s old YouTube channel

Some earlier videos by Robert, before Google did something strange and stranded the channel.

2021 Live Performance for Soundquest Festival

Here is the complete 45 minute concert in my studio, which premiered on March 28, 2021.

Robert Rich 2002 Planetarium Live, Louisville KY

Uploaded in April 2020, this three part video shows when Robert was touring with the big modular system and performing some of the first series of planetarium shows. It’s black and white, in very low light, but an era long passed.

Robert Rich at Ambient Church, NYC 22 Sept. 2018

The last 10 minutes of the concert, showing the light projections.

Robert Rich and Markus Reuter, Gatherings 19 May 2018

An excerpt from our improvised performance.

Robert Rich documentary, by Dean De Benedictis

Some beautiful graphics joining our conversation about life in the arts.

Dziady – Krakow 15 Nov 2016

A short documentary with interviews and performance clips.

Moog 55 Improvisation

Surrealist soundscaping at the Moog factory studio in Asheville NC.

Slow Music

Video of Robert’s lecture for Leonardo Society about Deep Listening.

Live at KFJC, 2014

An improvised radio performance filmed by students.

Ambicon 2013

Full concert video from the festival sponsored by Hearts of Space.

Red Bull Lecture, Tokyo 2014

A live interview format with questions from the audience.


This is an epic interview transcribed from a two hour conversation with Anil Prasad, posted on his excellent website.

Robert with Mix Magazine at AES

Interview with Gino Robair in 2010.

Echoes Podcast 2015

An audio interview with John Dilberto during the 2015 tour.

Electronic Musician video interview 2015

An interview with Geary Yelton in Asheville NC while on tour.

Skype chat with Moog

In June 2015, an interview connected to the 3-song EP “Hiding in Daylight”.

Robert at Gatherings, 2015

Before the Gatherings on April 11, 2015, Robert chats with Chuck Van Zyl about “this” style of music.


Robert’s answers for a German art website, Sounds of a Tired City: What’s your favorite movie, book, and destination?


This is the blog page for the film that Robert assisted as music supervisor, ready for release in 2015.

Writing on spirituality in music

Robert was asked to comment on the topic for a book called “The Spiritual Significance of Music” by Justin St. Vincent.



Co-releasing Inner Landscapes, Humidity , Sunyata, Somnium


Valley now owns the HOS Records catalog, with many RR titles.


Ian Boddy’s label with Outpost, Lithospehere, React


Releasing Roach, Vidna Obmana, Alio Die and other friends


David Agasi

Portrait photographer, friend and collaborator

Jeff Greinke

Creates beautiful dark and crunchy soundscapes

Paul Haslinger

Dilm composer, HOS labelmate of Robert’s

Matt Howarth

Creates surreal comics featuring electronic music

Love Spirals

Dreamy pop music, friends of Robert’s


Collaborator on Stalker

Loren Nerell

Deep sounds with an Indonesian flavor

Pauline Oliveros

Coined the phrase “Deep Listening”

Steve Roach

Longtime friend and collaborator (Soma & Strata)

Michael Stearns

Fathom labelmate, soundtracks and more.


AMP Online Magazine

Reviews of new instrumental music

ElectroAmbient Space

Phil Derby’s online ‘zine, tight focus on these styles

Experimental Musical Instruments

Excellent acoustic instrument mag.


Leaning more towards techno, but with tons of info

Morpheus Music

UK site with ambient focus


Commercial site for a good audio magazine

Web Radio

Hearts of Space

Weekly radio & Robert’s main label 1989-1998


John Diliberto’s daily musical journey

Ultima Thule

Australian ambient/spacemusic show


Sound Hack

A great free sound mangling tool for the Mac

Sacred Geometry

An interest that has infused much of Robert’s music


Alchemy Virtual Library

Huge resource on many things alchemical

Myko Web

Good info on wild mushrooms

Lucidity Institute

the experts on lucid dreaming

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