Graphic Art Pre-2018

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I once pursued painting rather seriously, when I was quite young. I was never really satisfied with my efforts to paint depictions of interior dreamscapes, and I found music to be a more satisfying way to express that hidden world.

Here are two of the only examples I have of work from my teen years, this one from around 1979:

32″x36″ acrylic on masonite

This next one, I had left unfinished for the last 40 years, and finally got around to filling in some sections:

24″x36″ acrylic on fine-grain plywood (door-skin) – [SOLD]

And here’s an example of the sort of invented calligraphic languages I was playing with in the 1990s:

Glossolalia 1998 – [SOLD]

And some other gestures in ink from around 2005-2015.

Well, skip ahead to 2018 and I’m back at it. I’ll use the following pages to show some of the pieces I’m making and think out loud a little bit.


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