Guitar Player feature and video

I feel quite honored to have a small feature in Guitar Player magazine this month, discussing my gliss guitar and Sustainiac techniques on lap steel. I can hardly call myself a guitarist, so I feel a bit out of my league. They also put a video on their website, here:

Sunyata & Inner Landscapes – 2CD re-issue

Three decades after the release of my early works “Sunyata” (1982)
and “Inner Landscapes” (1985), we created an archival edition with
the help of Mike Griffin at Hypnos, who sponsored the first CD
re-issues of these albums back in the late 1990s. After those
pressings sold out, we decided to wait before bringing them back,
assuming that the interest in physical media might be diminishing
in favor of downloads. As it happens, people still express interest
in getting a beautiful artistic package holding music that somehow
stays relevant after all these years. “Sunyata & Inner Landscapes”
will be the first of two double CD re-issues with beautiful digipack
artwork and an 8 page booklet, followed in a few months with another
archival edition of “Trances & Drones.”

You can order your copy of “Sunyata & Inner Landscapes” from our own
secure order form here: