Guitar Player feature and video
by on March 19, 2013 in Recent Activity

I feel quite honored to have a small feature in Guitar Player magazine this month, discussing my gliss guitar and Sustainiac techniques on lap steel. I can hardly call myself a guitarist, so I feel a bit out of my league. They also put a video on their website, here:

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  1. Adam Kocher says:

    Very honorable to be featured in Guitar player magazine, congratulations. This may sound really naive but I thought I noticed that in the first part of the video it appears you are using a metal ball point pen for your slide, is that true? If not, what kind of slide is that?

    Also, I have been listening to your music while I work in my garden, its very soothing. It creates a zen like atmosphere for me, almost like I’m living in a Terrence Malick film. Have you ever been approached to do soundtracks for Movies? It seems as though your music would be an excellent companion to good film.

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