Sunyata & Inner Landscapes – 2CD re-issue
by on March 9, 2013 in Recent Activity

Three decades after the release of my early works “Sunyata” (1982)
and “Inner Landscapes” (1985), we created an archival edition with
the help of Mike Griffin at Hypnos, who sponsored the first CD
re-issues of these albums back in the late 1990s. After those
pressings sold out, we decided to wait before bringing them back,
assuming that the interest in physical media might be diminishing
in favor of downloads. As it happens, people still express interest
in getting a beautiful artistic package holding music that somehow
stays relevant after all these years. “Sunyata & Inner Landscapes”
will be the first of two double CD re-issues with beautiful digipack
artwork and an 8 page booklet, followed in a few months with another
archival edition of “Trances & Drones.”

You can order your copy of “Sunyata & Inner Landscapes” from our own
secure order form here:

4 Responses to Sunyata & Inner Landscapes – 2CD re-issue

  1. Fantastic news, Robert, just ordered!!! Even if I own both original CD editions, I can’t miss this beauty!!! 🙂 All the best to you & Dixie!!! Richard

  2. Dmytro says:

    Robert, thanks a lot for this digipak re-issue! This is a real present! I had inner landscape as a jewel case version, but missed the Sunuyata, and now this beauty is alltogether! Will order ASAP!
    Thanks a lot for the digipack!

  3. Dmytro says:

    Received recently this re-issue digipak and was totally dissapointed of the quality it made. The paper of this digipack is not matte as all other digipacks from Robert, this time its glossy and made much worst((( still dont understand why you made this release using such an unquality paper type, and also didnt understand why the inside pocket has 2-sided holes instead of only near the plastic cover from where the booklet should be take out.
    Not collectible quality at all, just another re-issue, and even worse than all cds were made before ( I mean paper type and place for booklet decision).
    Sorry for the critics, but this things is important to me, and not only to me, I hope to all who still buy phisical copies and wish things come truly beautiful and quality.

  4. admin says:

    I am sorry that you are disappointed, Dmytro. Alas, we cannot cater to your very specific tastes. Others have expressed satisfaction with the release, and in fact the glossy coating on the artwork is more expensive to produce than a matte finish. If you are not happy, you can return the package for a full refund. I should probably warn you that the Trances and Drones digipack release will be very similar, as I was quite pleased with the results of Sunyata/Inner Landscapes.

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