Video from NAMM
by on February 1, 2011 in Recent Activity

I was down in Anaheim CA in mid-January to help demo the modular synth I use by Synthesis Technology. There’s a video on Sonic State if you’re interested, at this link:

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  1. Leo says:

    Informative and useful demo! These modules provide really wide possibilities for experiments.

    BTW, some other videos: (AES show) (NAMM show)

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for these other links, Leo! I didn’t actually know where those other interviews ended up. I’ll go mention those in the other usual locations now… 🙂 – RR

  3. Leo says:

    Not at all :). I think other parts will be posted soon (for some reason Gearwire always post interviews with big delay).

    I have a question: In several interviews you said, that you are interested in surround (5.1). Does it mean, that we can expect related experiment from you in the future? If yes, would it be extremely limited special edition (DVD-A) or just voting poll on your website (“Will you buy 5.1. DVD-A/FLAC release?”) or maybe something else? Of course I remember about many problems/difficulties that you mention, but I think some of your fans (include me) will be interested in it, because many of your listeners are audiophiles (isn’t it? :)).

  4. admin says:

    Hi Leo – You realize Atlas Dei is 90 minutes of my music in surround, right? New stuff – sure, I do plan to do a surround mix of my next album, indeed I don’t know the best format to release it. A poll might be a good idea. The mix will have to get done regardless of release format, however.

  5. Leo says:

    Yes, when I heard Atlas Dei, I regret that only one of your albums had been released in surround.

    >I do plan to do a surround mix of my next album
    Wow! It is a really good news! I will looking forward to it!

  6. tam says:

    Here’s a nice surroundsound music download site, I’m guessing Scott told you about it. It mostly caters to pc’s connected to a receiver:

    I know you don’t like mp3’s, but surround mp3’s do work on the PS3. I would like a surround Electric Ladder.

  7. Jeff Aldridge says:

    Hi Robert,

    My wife and I really enjoyed meeting you and watching you perform in Dallas the other night. We have been fans for many years but have never experienced one of your performances. We were amazed at your ability to do so many things simultaneously, your musical imagination and your musicianship. I am a fan of your lap steel sound and it was a real treat to watch you in action. The sonic landscape you create is magical.

    Best to you and Dixie and hope you both come back to Texas !

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