by on August 14, 2007 in Recent Activity

I returned from this year’s tour over a month ago, and hit the ground running with seven mastering jobs and some session work awaiting. Furthermore, we had to move our server which had been housing all of my websites and email, which meant finding an external web service for the first time in years. Now things are slowly getting back to a normal pace, so I’ll squeeze in a quick camping trip this week up in the high Sierras, before starting work on editing and mixing the live recording with Ian Boddy from the Star’s End 30th anniversary concert. He plans to release this in a few months on DiN. Coming even sooner, you’ll be able to hear the fruits of my session with Markus Reuter, a new CD called Eleven Questions due on Ocober 23 from his label Unsung Records. You can hear preview snippets on our Myspace page. For that matter, some of you may have noticed that I also have a solo Myspace page.

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