Robert Rich Web Interview, August 21, 2014
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If you missed Robert’s web interview about the music business, you can listen to it here:

Tune in free for a conversation about the business of making music:

Thursday, August 21st
Noon – 1 PM PDT
Irvine Builds Businesses

Robert Rich- Living the Creative Life

Many people give up their dreams of becoming professional musicians or artists, particularly in the arenas of fine art and musical styles that are not mainstream commodities. Robert Rich has created a rewarding and successful career as an Ambient musician, a style that emphasizes atmospheric musical textures over traditional song structures. His award-winning music has been featured in films, documentaries, and in the numerous CDs that have been released featuring him as a solo artist or in collaborations with others.

How has Robert managed to sustain his unlikely career for three decades while maintaining his fundamental artistic vision and style? Find out when Irvine Builds Businesses Host Robert Coleman interviews him and discusses:
How to get started on the creative path
Challenges and compromises that artists face
The multiple revenue sources that lead to a successful career as an artist
An overview of opportunities within the music, film, and media production industries

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