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by on August 29, 2012 in Recent Activity

I wrote a little thing about my friend Brad Cole for Mick Davidson’s blog. You can find it here:

And…. my new album is finished. It’s called “Nest” and here’s a teaser look at the front cover, by John Bergin as usual. We’re still working on the rest of the artwork.


Robert Rich "Nest" Cover

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  1. Don says:

    Hi Robert!

    Nice to hear some news. Can you say a word or two about the sound of the new work?


  2. admin says:

    The new album is gentle and soft, probably the most “ambient” album I have made in over a decade. In fact it reminds me of the place I was (in my head) about 30 years ago, when I made Trances, Drones or Inner Landscapes. It is soft, pretty, organic, gentle, and very deep. Some people say it sounds a bit melancholy. That’s not my intention but I think it comes naturally with introspective moods.

  3. Roy Mattson says:

    Any time frame of its release. Really looking forward to this from the description above! All the best, Roy.

  4. admin says:

    I’m aiming for an October release.

  5. Don says:

    Thank you for that description. Really looking forward to it.

  6. Chris Holtzhausen says:

    Hi Robert
    Really looking forward to Nest!
    Trances,Drones, and Inner Landscapes, are amongst my most favourite releases of all time.
    Best wishes

  7. Simon Stopher says:

    An October release eh? Great news. Just in time for my birthday.


    Its interesting to hear you say you say that others thought it melancholy. Where you aware of being in a particular “mood” when you made it? It seems obvious that a musician’s state of mind affects the music they make. Equally the choice of music a person listens to seems obviously guided by one’s mood, but all that maybe a sweeping generalisation too far (and a subject for another day!).

    Still great news, and I cannot wait to listen to it.

  8. admin says:

    An early happy birthday to you, Simon! Regarding the perceptions of “melancholy” in fact I don’t feel that the album comes from that mood at all, but certain people respond with that sensation when faced with quiet introspection. Personally, I was in a mood where I wanted to make very quiet music, a warm embrace that could offer retreat from a noisy world. Maybe I just needed to recover from all that loud music at the festivals this year. 😉

  9. Kevan Townsend says:

    HI Robert,
    Nest does sound intriguing.., 🙂
    I like a lot of your earlier subtle work like Trances & Drones, Sunyata, that Live album came out on cassette etc so I reckon I’ll definitely like the new album.
    Will there be a surround Jhana release of it too?
    Kevan Townsend

  10. admin says:

    Hi Kevin – I did do a surround mix, so I suspect it will be on Jhana soon after the release is official. Enjoy!

  11. Great news! that return to 30 years ago moods sound magic! giorgio

  12. Greg M says:

    Congrats, Robert! I’m looking forward to hearing Nest. That artwork is gorgeous – kudos, John!

  13. The question is , of course, will Louise like it?

    Will it make her happy or sad?

    I am sure I will like it – but you know how it goes Rob –

    looking forward to it in any case!!!



  14. admin says:

    Indeed… You know how it goes, Nev – it’s impossible to say who will like anything. You’ll get an airplay copy of course, and if Louise likes it I give you full permission to share. I remember she doesn’t like droney static music. I think I can say this isn’t static, it’s quite melodic and forward moving, only very gentle and slow. If it helps her, you should know that you and she are mentioned in the “thanks” on the back cover. Just sayin’… Wishing you well – Robert

  15. Simon Imagin says:

    As always, really looking forward to this. I never know what to expect when I order one of your albums, which is what I love about your music. Simon

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