NEST is here!
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It’s on our order form,, but it might take a few days to show up elsewhere on this website because there are some design changes underway…






…From the liner notes:

A revery of landscape and internal spaces.

Maleny, Queensland Australia. February is summertime in
this subtropical paradise. I heard dripping sounds late
at night, on the wooden deck and leaves nearby, sparse
percussion among cicadas and chirping tree frogs. I assumed
it was condensation from morning’s light rain. Next day, I
looked up to see these drops coming from foamy packets
suspended in forked twigs among the foliage. Tiny dots of
frog eggs filled each frothy airborne puddle. These tree
frogs had circumvented an amphibian’s need for standing
water for their young to mature. They created their own
diaphanous ponds in the leaf canopy, strong enough to stay
intact as eggs hatched and tadpoles developed lungs and
legs, yet porous enough to absorb and retain moisture from
the light summer rains. To me it seemed miraculous.

Nest represents unfinished business for me. It’s an album
that might have come from my childhood, from a hidden quiet
place. I rarely make such calm music. Nest folds inward
like a nurturing cushion; yet it never sits motionless, it
evolves towards a kernel of revelation with slow searching

Nest began with recordings from the eastern Australian
bush, when I was on tour in February 2012. I often
incorporate natural sounds into my music, but this music
wanted to live entirely in outdoor soundscapes, surrounded
by a subdued yet palpable sense of life. This texture
resembles my earliest releases like Sunyata, Trances and
Drones, where the natural world integrates completely with
the music.

I approach these juxtapositions of music and nature
recordings with caution, as they risk sounding trite. For
me, the combination works best when the music retains an
attentive, submissive quality. For an album like this, I
remove so much material during creation that I struggle to
leave any music at all. Each note serves primarily to
outline its own absence, to create an illusion of silence.

Like much of my music, Nest also explores tuning systems,
including just intonation. Over time I have become more
relaxed about tuning, shifting where the instruments sound
most natural. Nest navigates towards harmonic intervals when
piano is absent, toward equal temperament when piano
dominates, searching for a certain fragile balance.

Robert Rich – August 2012


18 Responses to NEST is here!

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  2. Sortvind says:

    You should really think about putting this up on bandcamp.
    its such a easy site to use, and many artist sell easier there.

    i found cd baby to be a bit meh, not offering flac, embed artwork.

  3. Thank you so much, Robert, for posting this great news!!! Since firstly announced one month ago, I was counting every day…:-) Immediately ordered, so I will keep an eye on my mailbox. I can’t wait to explore “Nest”!!! All the best to you & Dixie!!! With friendly greetings, Richard

  4. Pete Kowalsky says:

    Hey Robert — Can’t wait to hear Nest; I ordered as soon as I saw this too! I second the Bandcamp suggestion, although MusicZeit does a great job too. 😉 I know it’s been discussed many times before and the tactile experience is totally lost with digital convenience, but for me the convenience outweighs any loss there. MusicZeit has their PDF liner notes, and for me, any “tactile” experience was always about reading the liner notes as I listen, which I can do on whatever device I listen on… Just sayin’. Greetings to you and Dixie, and I’m looking forward to my CD (and liner notes). 😀

  5. Greg Smith says:

    I’d be thrilled with PDF liner notes! I’m holding out for the MP3 download. Really don’t like to buy physical media anymore. My preferred source is amazon for the overall shopping and download experience, but I’ll use cdbaby if that is the only place it will be available for download. Really looking forward to hearing it!

  6. Uzbazur345 says:

    A Really great Work!
    My compliments for the Music and for the cover … That is the rappresentation of the green World!
    This album have a special touch the Natural sounds fits perfectly with the music!
    You’ve created a new world in sounds!
    A Perfect world of Peace!

  7. Scott Brady says:

    Just received “Nest” this weekend. Lovely job, Robert. Great way to “extend” the sounds of summer here in Michigan. Subtle is taken to a whole new dimension on “Nest”!

  8. Travis N says:

    I second (third?) the vote for making Nest available on bandcamp or musiczeit. I would love to have it in FLAC format, and bandcamp is always my #1 choice for buying downloads.

  9. admin says:

    I’m certainly open to making FLAC available of the new release. I have a version in 24/48 that could become available. I have a good relationship with Musiczeit and I am investigating Bandcamp as well. First things first though. 🙂

  10. David Leikam says:

    Grand and I will be buying at least two copies from you soon!

  11. Beau says:

    Always glad to hear of a new release, and looking forward to it coming in the mail! Listening to what you have here as a sample, it sounds spectacular. This is what I was hoping for actually. Some of my still all time favourite ambient albums across the board is Trances / Drones & Gaudi. Your music always has incredible intention and direction both. It always transports me somewhere, usually different every time.

  12. Leo says:

    Can’t wait to listen to the new album :).

    I am also waiting for surround version of the “Nest”. Do you plan to release it soon?

  13. Dmytro says:

    Hello Robert! Thanks a lot for this another brilliant ambient journey with the new album. I’m very happy that this cd is again a DIGIPAK format just like previous 2 albums from soundscape label. I also want you to re-issue your old cd staff that were on the jewel cases as digipaks too!!I hope you will do that, including the fact that this re-issues could be limited in quantity to avoid long-time period of lying the cds on the shelfs.

    p.s. – as for the bandcamp – don’t put any album in lossless format on the bandcamp, while the cds are not sold out. I know that there is many people get music from bandcamp using frauds and illegal downloads, so its not reasonable to sell digital formats from bandcamp.
    Thanks. Will order soon the cd!

  14. Sortvind says:

    in reply to the post by Dmytro.

    bandcamp stream tunes in 128kbps when listening on their site, regardless of flac file uploaded or not.

    if someone wants they could rip the stream using software tools.
    like any other sites, anything can be pirated and shared.

    Robert, like all others who gives ut cd`s, knows this.

    thankfully he have a fanbase that supports him.

  15. Kevan Townsend says:

    Hi Robert,

    I think that Nest is a masterwork. I felt compelled to write a review on Amazon :

    Kevan Townsend

  16. admin says:

    Thank you, Kevan! That is a very generous review. Without this sort of support from listeners like you it would be very difficult to survive making such personal music. I truly appreciate the effort.

  17. Aaron H says:

    Heading off to Amazon to get Nest now. Very much looking forward to this release.

  18. Cynthia says:

    Exquisite album, makes for a most elegant muse while living in a tick-tock world. It calms and inspires at the same time just like nests’ functional, beautiful design in nature.

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