“Moth Wings” on Dark Room Beats
by on August 12, 2010 in Recent Activity

Hi All,

Out here in Northern California I’m getting ready to brave the heat in Portugal for the upcoming Boom Festival, at the end of August. In the meantime, a piece of mine came out on a compilation from Israel’s Aleph Zero label. The album is called Dark Room Beats, and the piece is called Moth Wings. For those who saw me in concert this springtime, I played this piece a few times as an encore. The entire album flows in a chillout vein, with world music inclusions and some interesting non-cliché production.

Want links? Here they are:

1. E-flyer with info & music: http://www.aleph-zero.info/media/AlephZ16/flyer/DRB.html
2. Release page: http://www.aleph-zero.info/cd-168/Various-Artists/Dark-Room-Beats/details.html
3. Main purchase links:

CD Shops:
Aleph Zero: http://www.aleph-zero.info/shop/cd.html
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/darkroombeats

Download shops:
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dark-room-beats/id381263174
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/darkroombeats
Juno: http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/1603597-02.htm

(There are many other links to this, and I’m sure you can find them if you search.)

…and here’s a very generous review from the Morpheus Music site:
“This latest compilation from the excellent Aleph Zero label pulls together some of the most cutting edge sounds in the world of drifting, glitch infested downtempo currently advancing over the horizon. The music ranges from intensely beautiful and dreamy to somewhat disconcerting and alien.”

“Dark Room Beats is an album full of brooding low-light atmosphere where periodic surges of warmth course through the night shadows and luminous colours twinkle and glow. The name is well chosen – this is certainly one for enjoying with a good sound system in a darkened room – or maybe for creating your own relaxing, dusky mindscape elsewhere during your day. Full of feeling, with an unhurried approach and ample room given over to building up mood and ambience. ”

“Aleph Zero compilations are always something of a delight. [..] The label is clearly intent on setting the standard for others to follow with this collection, Shahar and Shulman having selected thirteen pieces of visionary ambient glitch-chill that are of amazing quality and gratifying consonance. ”

“This is a high quality release that the more discerning listener will appreciate.”

4 Responses to “Moth Wings” on Dark Room Beats

  1. Steve Davis says:

    HI Robert,

    Guess you’ll be spending your birthday in Portugal (?). I hope you won’t have to spend that day on the long flight…or worse yet, stuck in airports.

    The DARK ROOM BEATS seems like a fine compilation overall, and I love “Moth Wings.” This recording sounds slightly slower & even more ‘chilled’ than the version I heard on a recent Echoes Living Room Concert.

    Good luck at the Boom Festival,

    Steve Davis

  2. Kuutana says:

    Moth Wings is a truly enjoyable piece.
    The flute dances so well around the rhythm!
    Have a fun trip in Portugal,

  3. Bodhi says:

    Great track and a great compilation.

    Here is another review on isratrance.com:

  4. Darryll Bagg says:

    I was driving north on i-87 past Poughkeepsie, NY and listening to the local (I kid you not) Hillbilly station. The mountains closed in and the station went dead. I searched the dial and this incredibly mysterious and fabulous music wafted through the pre-hurricane murk…

    Moth Wings instantly captivated me. Thank you for working to hard to make this great music.

    Once I buy it, I will listen to in on my rock speakers which poke up near my hobbit house and dwarf mine. Both of which are nestled into the Vermont hillside….

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