Medicine Box master: done
by on August 18, 2011 in Recent Activity

I just wanted to post a little progress report. I have finished the stereo master for the new CD “Medicine Box” and now I am just waiting on cover art. I’m pretty excited – I like this one. This week I am working on surround mixes, just in case I can find a outlet for them. Any ideas? Do any of you listen to surround music, without visuals? What formats do you use to play surround? Any web-based surround users? Just curious.

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  1. Al says:

    I can say that i am an avid listener of 5.1 Flac format. At least for me it seems the ideal format where you get lossless compression with the beauty of a surround sound immersion. It would be nifty to have the music on a DVD, artwork, notes included and the like. I suppose visuals are OK, not one for looking into pre-made art as i like to create my own when listening to this type of music anyways. 😉

  2. Seth says:

    I don’t listen to surround music or music DVDs-I just like my music in CD format for my stereo and Ipod.

  3. Alex says:

    I love the variety of formats. In my collection, i have cds, lps, dvds, cassettes. Somnium is a precious piece of my collection; the possibility to upgrade the musical experience to a new level is really amazing. So go for it Robert, really open!

  4. admin says:

    Thank you all for your feedback! I am weighing the options of releasing “Medicine Box” as a two sided disk, CD on one side and FLAC surround data on the other side. Otherwise I plan to make a standard CD-only release with digipack packaging, and downloadable surround files through a service such as Jhana Music. I am thinking I could offer CD purchasers a one-time coupon code for a cheap surround download, for example. (The two sided disk increases manufacturing costs 50%, so it makes sense if only a few users are going to listen in surround.) I am still feeling for input. All the best – Robert

  5. Seth says:

    Sounds like a cool plan Robert. What do I need to be able to use teh FLAC surround sound version?

  6. Al says:

    A two sided disk, CD on one side and FLAC surround data on the other side sounds nice.

  7. Vassilis says:

    It would be great to release your music in FLAC at a higher resolution format like 96khz 24bit, through HDtracks, iTrax etc.

  8. Leo says:

    I just can’t wait for the new album and it’s 5.1 version! Both “two-sided” CD and “digital download 5.1 release” looks comfortable for me.

  9. Scott says:

    I would def side with FLAC. Not only is it supported by more and more software, it is now showing up in hardware as well. Both by AV Receiver, and my BlueRay player support FLAC via NAS (Network) and USB drive. I cannot imagine this is going away. It will only increase as more and more people (and manufacturers) are turning to digital formats and even opting out of optical drives.

  10. Al says:

    What brand of Blue Ray player reads FLAC? Seems good to me. The way i see FLAC is the way to go. MP3 is becoming old news. Back in the Napster days it was the format to use but that is a decade ago when we had CD-Rs and small hard drives. Now we have terabyte hard drives, DVD-Rs and soon when recordable Blue Ray discs become affordable enough to the common consumer, those as well. Hopefully the longevity of these are good enough. Many of the DVD-Rs become scratched very easily.

  11. Scott says:

    Both Sony (BlueRay) and Denon (AV-R) support FLAC. I’m sure there are others, but these are the two I have experience with. Again, there is at least three ways to play FLAC on these: CDR/DVDR (Blueray player), NAS network (both), and USB flash drive (both).

    I have used all three ways to play FLAC files and they work wonderfully, and, of course, sound great. I have NOT player and 5.1 files this way, only because I do not own any (yet!).

  12. Al says:

    Interesting. Hopefully, other brands will follow. Currently i only listen to FLACs on my PC but i want to get a Klipsch 5.1 system for it.

  13. Anthony says:

    FLAC 5.1 would be nice and my preference. A 24 Bit FLAC option would be nice also.

    I love listening to Atlas Dei in 5.1 surround sound.

  14. admin says:

    Thanks for this excellent feedback, everyone! I really appreciate your input. I have been speaking with the president of Jhana Music, and I am planning to go ahead and release several of my albums on, including music-only Atlas Dei, Ylang and Medicine Box. This isn’t lossless FLAC, but high bitrate AC3. I have confirmed that it sounds very good. Jhana has the advantage of some promotional push, and they will be offering apps for portable devices that can map the surround mixes to SRS headphone technology. I’ll make an announcement as soon as the files appear on their website. All the best – Robert Rich

  15. Chad Hoefler says:

    Although I do not listen to music via surround sound, I am nonetheless looking forward to, with great anticipation, this release!

    Thank you, in advance, Robert!

  16. Chad Hoefler says:

    In response to some of the above inquiries, I have an OPPO Blu Ray player, and it supports FLAC. (I am thoroughly impressed with the OPPO company).

  17. QUIX4U says:

    So– do I do “enjoy” surround sound..
    Oh — yea.. i suppose so.
    What’ve U got.?

  18. synthetic says:

    I usually listen to surround in my studio where I have an SACD player. Is there Mac software to play FLAC files in stereo or surround? There isn’t software to play AC3 or DTS in surround from a Mac. Musiczeit sells FLAC files of electronic music, not sure if that includes surround.

  19. combox says:

    As for me there is nothing better than standard CD-only release with digipack packaging! Only Digipak!
    I dont really looking for the FLAC WEB releases becourse physical copies are much more greater and enjoyable to have in my collection. I reaally dont understand the position of the musician who dont want to releasing / re-releasing their albums as CD Digipaks and do only WEB! Thats very funny and not serious at all, especially for the collector music lovers, who are waiting for the digipaks. Even Projekt and Hypnos make ONLY digipaks nowadays and also re-releasing all old releases as digipaks, but why you dont want to do this Robert. Why? You have some albums that are out of print (for axample – Trances/Drones) so why not to re-print them as DIGIpaks? the collectors only say BIG THANKS and purchase their copies with pleasure and get rid of the old jewel case version, as I do!
    AS FOR the surround format – I also dont use this. I like standart cds (16bit) in my collection.

  20. admin says:

    Hi Combox, and thank you for your feedback. Although I would love to reprint Trances/Drones and Sunyata in digipack, it doesn’t make economic sense. I would have to print a minimum of 1000, and I probably would sell a couple hundred at best. Those titles are 30 years old, and they have been in print during most of that time. Luckily they can at least remain available in download form, or you can probably find used CDs out there.

    Speaking of Digipacks, I have been fielding quite a few questions about the release date for “Medicine Box.” It is currently getting manufactured, and I hope to have copies here in the first week of November, if shipping goes according to plan.

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