July 4: Magnatune = Live Archive CDs
by on June 30, 2009 in Recent Activity

Good news for those of you who clamored for hard-copy versions of the “Live Archive” concerts. I have arranged a deal with Magnatune.com, that they will offer both download and one-off CD versions of all 7 concerts in the Live Archive set. This takes a burden off my shoulders, as I could not have made a limited pressing with so many disks. It allows you to purchase only the concerts you want, and you can choose the amount you want to pay. (If you plan on buying the whole set, I give you permission to pay less!) If the one-off artwork they provide seems inadequate, I can offer a free PDF download with all the cover art.

Magnatune will release the first half of Live Archive on July 4. These include: Vol. 1 “Ici et Maintenant”; Vol. 2 “Due Acque”; Vol. 6 “Lumin”; and Vol. 7 “Mycosphere.” The remaining concerts (Vols. 3, 4, 5) should become available on July 18.

Thanks for listening! – Robert

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  1. Justin P. says:

    Awesome 🙂 Thanks a lot

  2. Newsbits | Avant Music News

  3. steve c says:

    how & where do i get to purchase these cds, will it be from your own web site or from magnatunes own label???

    please help.

  4. admin says:

    Here’s the general link to all my Magnatune releases, and you should order directly through them:


  5. Mike Ostrich says:


    Which ones specifically are the concerts in question?

  6. Simon Stopher says:

    Can I just add that if you do order stuff from Magnatune, you will need to be exceptionally patient!

    My first order for 5 of Robert’s CD’s took the best part of two months to arrive, and only then after I started chasing for it, and I paid by PayPal.

    My second Order for the remainder of the CD’s was placed a month ago. Nothing as yet and my email requesting an update has not been replied to. Again I have paid by PayPal.

    Sorry Robert… (although I do appreciate that it isn’t your fault, or anything to do with you, but I wanted to warn others out there, who may be thinking of placing an Order)


  7. admin says:

    With apologies for the delays: Simon, I didn’t realize that Magnatune’s CD one-off manufacturing was working so slowly. I strongly recommend that you contact Magnatune directly to let them know about this delay. They use a third party provider for the CD service, and It’s quite possible that the other company has not been operating as efficiently as it should. Because it’s three generations away from my control, I can’t do much about it except express my shared frustration. Hopefully a few direct comments to the company can help future listeners to get their CDs faster.

  8. Charly Rhoades says:

    Simon — Have you received your second order from Magnatune yet? I am seriously considering purchasing physical CDs for at least a few of these recordings, but might not spend that extra money if their response remains so sluggish. I can download and burn instead.

    Also — for the CDs you have received already, how do you like the artwork? Is it the “generic Magnatune” artwork that their website describes? Did you get the opportunity to download “high quality version” of the artwork, as stated on the hover text that appears over the cover on Magnatune’s web page for each concert CD? I sure like the look of those covers (as much as one can judge from their small size on the web page, at least).


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