Bits of news, New and old releases
by on November 2, 2013 in Recent Activity

We made small changes to our secure order form this month. My 3-CD “Humidity” is now sold out, and will be available only in digital format for now. Instead, we’ll add some interesting limited items for sale during the next few months. You’ll find these down at the bottom of the order page, in the area along with the “Echo of Small Things” art box (we have about 20 left of those.)

First up is a compilation from Projekt called Possibilities of Circumstance. They sent me some artist copies which sell for a very affordable $8. This compilation came together when many of us old friends reunited at the Ambicon festival in May ’13. Sam Rosenthal pulled together some great people for this collection: Steve Roach, Tim Story & Roedelius, Larry Fast (Synergy), Jeff Pearce, Erik Wollo and more. My contribution “Callyx” also appears on Medicine Box; if you have that album, you still might want to pick this up for the other pieces. We have about 20 copies available.

Coming soon, you can look forward to a live limited edition CD “Morphology” from Darren Bergstein’s 1000 Pulses concert series; and next year, a 4-LP set from Germany of my very early recordings, from 1980-1983, mostly unreleased until now. Also, I have decided to release my first non-solo album on my Soundscape label. Expect an intense sonic surprise with Meridiem “The Scattering Time” early next year. – Robert

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