Sleep Returns! (the concert, that is)
by on September 18, 2014 in Recent Activity

Tokyo, 17 October 2014: I’ll play a shortened sleep concert to close an event called “Wails to Whispers” with Fushitusha, Violent Onsen Geisha, Masonna, Melt-Banana, MMMOOONNNOOO, Keiji Haino with Hurdy Gurdy.

Also, in a few weeks I should have the Blu-ray discs for “Perpetual: a Somnium Continuum” with 15 hours of audiophile nocturnal bliss.

A bit of housekeeping: we just noticed that our order form was broken, so if you tried buying something from us in the last week or two, please try again! Thanks and apologies for any frustration. – RR

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  1. Al says:

    15 Hours of sound immersion??? I will be more then willing to buy that. That should be interesting.

  2. Karl Ryan says:

    Tokyo sleep..what a treat. Career achievement once again.

    Wondering if a new all RR album might be in the process. Still enjoying immensely Nest as a Sunday morning coffee and eggs with my family album.
    Miss the old all electronic style like Bestiary,Outpost,Geometry..etc. Always loved that style the most. Still after all these years wondering what will come next. Always something unexpected and unique testing the form further each time.
    Waiting patiently.

  3. admin says:

    Hi Karl – regarding new albums, as you could see from the post, I’ll have 8 hours of new music coming out any day now (the Blu-rays are due on Thursday.) Also, I am working on a new solo CD, with more pulsating cyclical analog electronics, like ELectric Ladder or Geometry in some places, which I hope to have out in Jan or Feb ’15. Also I’ll be playing in Dallas on April 5. Thanks for being such a great listener. – RR

  4. Don says:

    Really looking forward to Perpetual (I have and love Somnium). I intend to buy the new one. Will it be released in digital format? I ask because I intend to listen to it in the bedroom (of course) but have no Blu-ray player there.

    If needed, I will convert it but I’m just curious on other potential release formats before I go through that exercise.

    Thank you for these wonderful soundscapes!

    • admin says:

      There is a download version planned. It’s not as good audio quality, and I can’t seem to prevent a barely noticeable click between 80 minute sections, but look for it on CD Baby soon. – RR

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