Postal Rates going up this weekend
by on January 21, 2013 in Recent Activity

The U.S. Post Office announced new rates taking effect on Sunday January 27. Dixie is researching changes for our order form, and we are quite surprised at the increase. International shipping for a single CD will almost double. Domestic rates climb less drastically, but they also go up. Single CD domestic orders will stay the same, thankfully.

We strive to make our shipping calculations fair and accurate, and our CD prices have stayed the same since 1989; but we will be forced to raise postal rates on our order form starting January 26. If you want to buy titles from our web store, now is a good time if you wish to save a few dollars, especially to Europe. We apologize for this unfortunate price increase.

2 Responses to Postal Rates going up this weekend

  1. Mario says:

    Hi Robert,

    I dont know if they are fair, but give a try. OK, a real CD with a real booklet is nice. But for me in Germany its easier to download. With bandcamp i can download flac AND mp3 and for me it is cheaper than the CD (its better than musiczeit, where I have to choose between the formats). I think it is nice that you can to give some extra bucks for the artist.

    Kind regards

  2. admin says:

    Bandcamp is a good service, and I do have an account with them although I am not yet using it. I have chosen CD Baby as my primary source for downloads as they provide many other excellent services, including wholesale distribution, fee collection and full aggregation. Bandcamp unfortunately has a slightly less solid reputation. However I agree that people should only pay once for a full resolution copy. The system is still in transition, and as a small independent artist I try my best to please everyone. It gets challenging with such quickly changing landscape.

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