Neurogenesis earlier! Dec. 1
by on November 20, 2020 in Recent Activity

I made a quick decision to release the new album six weeks earlier than planned. I will post downloads and pre-orders on Tuesday December 1, 2020. I hope to have CDs delivered by December 9. However, the vinyl pressing is delayed until March. That delay is the reason I am releasing sooner. Apparently, vinyl pressing plants are slammed, and time estimates are not reliable. I will still take domestic pre-orders for the LP, but please be patient about very long lead times.

The question of European orders for the vinyl version is complicated. I am trying to save listeners the high shipping costs, by arranging drop-shipments from local sources in continental Europe and Britain, with order processing through good friends in each region. This might affect how pre-orders for the LP get managed. I hope to have a solution before December 1. I appreciate your patience as I try to solve this for your benefit. Until then, LP pre-orders might be for US shipments only. CD orders should ship by Dec. 10 and downloads will be available on December 1.

Here’s a preview of the CD cover art:

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