Neurogenesis CDs now shipping – and a quote
by on December 16, 2020 in Recent Activity

Neurorgenesis CDs arrived, and we are shipping orders as they arrive. More is happening though.

I just wrote this blurb for a short film that Cyrnai made about my graphic art, when she visited a couple years ago. I think it speaks truthfully, so I am sharing it:

My art asks more questions than it gives answers. It refers more to nature than to humanity. It speaks more to dreams than to our increasingly distracted sensory overload of technology and virtualization. The reality it choses to depict is the verb-like essence that doesn’t care what humans think about it. My questions involve gesture and accident because I think improvisation exposes that verb more than analytical intention does. Sometimes I feel the best success when I discover something that looks or sounds like humans did not make it, like it was always there, a found object from deep time. My best results seem to unfold when I explore my own unconscious shaded corners, seeking new questions to ask. The deeper I go to my private universe, the more I seem to discover something natural, beautiful, maybe a more common language built from hermetic secrets. I value curiosity more than mastery, learning more than knowledge, experiment more than doctrine. If I can make any art – whatever the medium – that reminds us of our animal nature, our mortality, our embodiment, our reliance on the earth that sustains us; then perhaps I have contributed something toward human evolution rather than to our extinction.

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