Medicine Box is here at last!
by on November 2, 2011 in Recent Activity

The new CD is now available from our secure order form, here:

…. I uploaded three songs from Medicine Box to the Player app: Kaaruwana, Macula and Callyx. Go to the MEDIA tab up above and select “listen to music”. The new tracks are at the top of the list.

CD Baby’s page is now working (edited Saturday 11/5/11). Here’s the link to hear samples of all the tracks or download a copy:  iTunes and the other larger stores usually take another month or more to add new titles.

I’m really excited about this new work. I hope you like it also! Thanks for listening.

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  1. deepsweet says:

    Robert, is there a place where I can buy and download your new album in a lossless format like FLAC?
    Even if I’ll buy a CD and even if I had a cd-drive (which I do not really have) then I’ll make a digital copy and put a CD on the shelf forever 🙂

  2. Robert,

    This sounds wonderful! You really have been busy this year i can tell. Fantastic work and will be ordering this week.

  3. Pete K says:

    Robert, your latest takes me back to wonderful places I’ve visited with you before on Propagation, Pivot, and others! I just ordered, and I can’t wait to give it a proper listen with a good DAC, my RSA SR71B, and Beyerdynamic DT880’s. Or maybe I’ll use my Galaxy Tab 10.1, PowerAmp, Headstage Arrow 12HE 3G, and Westone UM3x’s. Soooo many choices, sooooo long to wait for that package!!!! 😉

  4. “Medicine Box” CD just arrived. It’s magnificently organic and evocative sonic journey!!! Thank you so much, Robert, for this absolutely exciting experience, musically, sonically and visually!!! Looking forward to more explorations of your medicine…:-) All the best to you & Dixie!!! Richard

  5. Robert, I am really enjoying “Medicine Box”, so I even wrote a little review of it:

    Robert Rich “Medicine Box” CD

    Ambient icon Robert Rich strikes back with brand new sonic pearl “Medicine Box”, released at November 1st, 2011, on his own Soundscape Productions imprint. Following the footsteps of legendary albums like “Propagation”, “Seven Veils” or more recent “Ylang”, this new album bridges all trademarking ingredients of these masterworks, but also adds other unique and challenging flavors. “Medicine Box” unwraps with “Alba”, a sublimely euphoric blend of world fusion and ambient, it’s attractively perfumed and richly textured warm, rhythm-charged composition featuring as guest Haroun Serang on guitar, who already contributed to several other Robert’s albums. Intro with very intoxicating melody! “Kaaruwana” brings to the stage shimmering wordless voices of Cheri Chuang, a classically trained composer and vocalist, moving from absolutely ethereal and angelic to fragilely whispering ones, beautifully interacting with Robert’s crystalline soundscaping, a truly poetic bliss for my ears!!! Strongly organic and colorfully unique “Macula” is dominated by evocative gentle piano and crispy pulsing percussions with notable appearances of Hans Christian on cello (long time collaborator of Robert Rich) and Edo Castro on bass. Chromatic harmonica of Slim Heilpern wonderfully spices “Cornea” and adds western feel to this rather psychedelically eclectic composition. “Crepescule” succeeds magnificently in portraying the power and beauty of Robert’s flute magic, with subtle polyrhythms that are joined by poignant cello and cheerful piano. A truly haunting masterpiece evoking yearning and nostalgia!!! “Pollen” is another emotionally moving and heartwarming composition highlighted by Cheri Chuang’s heavenly voices and exotic-charged subtle movements. “Callyx” masterfully fuses sensitive melodies with eerie lap steel guitar ambiences. Denser landscapes are explored through “Salamander Quay”, showcasing Robert’s outstanding skill in expressing emotions through his electroacoustic wizardry and musicality. The journey culminates with almost 11 minutes long epilogue “Helios”, painted with magnetizing exotic polyrhythms in the first half, while the second part excels with celestial voices floating above shadowy sonic panoramas. I think this composition displays the best Robert’s distinctive sound painting with carefully selected and merged virtuoso performances of Cheri Chuang, Hans Christian and Edo Castro. An absolutely magnificent “all inclusive” blend holding the signature that is only Robert Rich and designed directly for my Ambient Hall Of Fame!!! “Medicine Box” is an ultimate and triumphant shamanistic healing journey with genius performances on every level dedicated to all connoisseurs of world fusion/tribal/ambient essentials!!! Audiophile sound quality and gorgeous 6-panel digipak artwork by the Bergin gang should be immediately awarded too!!!

    Richard Gürtler (Nov 17, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)

  6. Tony C. says:

    I absolutely adore Medicine Box. You are a musical genius. Been listening to your musical artwork for many years. First was on Hearts of Space- a college station.
    Medicine Box is the only music I am listening to right now as I feel I am on a type of journey now in my life.
    Please continue to produce this wonderful music.
    I’ve been an instrumentalist for most of my life.
    Guitar and Bass are my forte.
    Thank you again!
    Tony C.

  7. admin says:

    Wow… thank you, Tony. I am very honored to receive such warm praise. I know that there were certain important albums in my life that came at pivotal moments, and they took on special significance. I hope all sorts of good music continues to accompany you on your journey. All the best – Robert

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