KKUP 91.5 FM (SF-south bay)
by on January 2, 2011 in Recent Activity

Update 12:30 PM – They’re back on the air. I should get there around 1 PM and we’ll go live. – RRUpdate 11:30 AM – local storms seem to have knocked out the transmitters on Loma Prieta peak, so station might be silent. I’ll update soon. – RR Happy New Year! I’ll be live on the radio today (Sunday January 2, 2011) from noon until about 2 pm on the Neptune Currents radio show on KKUP 91.5 FM to help the station do some fundraising. Listeners can call in to say hello to 408-260-2999, and help support a great listener sponsored radio station. This is my small way to pay back the many years of support that KKUP (and stations like it) have given to this music. I probably would not have a professional music career if not for support from stations like this.If you don’t live between Santa Cruz CA and the southern part of the San Francisco bay area, you might be able to find this broadcast streaming on the internet, but you’ll have to search for those links on the web. I don’t think KKUP has an official stream.This month I’ll also be travelling down to Anaheim for the NAMM show, to help demo some new modules on the Synthesis Technology MOTM modular synth. And, yes, I am working on some new music, but these things take time. :-)Warm Regards – Robert Rich

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