Interview & thoughts on reprinting
by on June 26, 2015 in Recent Activity

Hi everyone. I’m in between projects now, and getting set for some upcoming events. I’ll give links to three concerts in the near future. First, I wanted to offer a link to an interview I did with Chuck Van Zyl in Philadelphia, here:

Furthermore, I’m pondering the significance of letting some titles go out of print (still available in download of course.) In the last year I decided that I would not reprint CD versions of older releases as they sell out. Sold-out titles include Somnium, Humidity, Zerkalo (w/ Faryus) and Outpost (w/ Ian Boddy). Almost-gone include Illumination and Atlas Dei (DVD version) – less than ten copies remain of each. Several other older titles only have 100-200 copies left. So, if you like holding an album in your hands, time is passing by.

In the past, I have reprinted titles as they sold out, more than once for the most popular of them (Electric Ladder, Calling Down the Sky, Trances+Drones for example). Going forward, I plan to limit each printing to 1000, as more people revert to downloads or streaming. My latest CD Filaments only has about 200 left in stock, so I might decide to reprint that, but I haven’t decided. The business of making music is changing fast, and those of us who want to augment the music with an artistic physical package are becoming obsolete. I trust that many of you will understand.

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