Echo of Small Things – Back
by on May 16, 2008 in Recent Activity

I decided to reprint of the “Echo of Small Things” CD, and it just arrived from the manufacturer today. So, you can order it again from our store. We still have 28 copies of the original art box with the first pressing of the CD buried inside. After those last 28 art boxes are gone, I won’t make any more art boxes. I will maintain the edition to 129. Of the CD reprint, I think if we sell out of these I will probably let it go to download-only mode, like I have started to do with some other titles. I will only let things go exclusively to download if an uncompressed version remains available, as this music doesn’t respond very well to digital compression artifacts. If you want to comment, I will read all your thoughts on this and respond if necessary. All the best – Robert

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