RELEASED: January 1, 2001
ARTIST: Robert Rich
LABEL: Hypnos/Soundscape

Note: the DVD pressing of Somnium is sold out. The complete 7 hour Somnium is included in full resolution as part of the Blu-ray release “Perpetual – a Somnium Continuum”, and also as a download.


After many years of trying, we now can offer the full 7 hour download of Somnium through CD Baby and iTunes, although we needed to separate it into six chunks. We recommend CD Baby for this download. The Musiczeit download also works well, in the original three chunks.

Possibly the longest continuous musical composition ever released on any format, Somnium represents an ambient music landmark. Robert Rich has meticulously crafted a studio interpretation of his notorious all-night Sleep Concerts, incorporating newly recorded electro-acoustic, electronic and environmental textures, with elements created for the original live events. Somnium guides the listener through an ever-changing dreamscape, with levels of subtle detail that reward both active attention and background listening. Deep and sonorous, mysterious and diffuse, liquid and hypnogogic.

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