Open Window
RELEASED: September 1, 2004
ARTIST: Robert Rich
LABEL: Soundscape
PRODUCER: Robert Rich
Open Window

Piano Solos

While better known for his electronic textures, Robert Rich often includes piano solos during his live concerts. Open Window documents his improvisational approach to acoustic piano, with influences ranging from Alan Hovhannes, G.I. Gurdjieff and Erik Satie to Terry Riley and Keith Jarrett.

Rich chose to record Open Window on his own 1925 vintage A.B. Chase baby grand, an instrument with a more intimate sound than a full-size concert piano. Over a period of two months, he kept a daily schedule of piano improvisation, with microphones set up to record at all times. The pieces selected here reflect special moments during this concentrated period. These were the moments when effort vanished, and the music seemed to write itself.

Design and photos by John Bergin

Song List

Parting Clouds 5:10
Corners 4:16
Insular 10:13
Past Glances 9:26
Open Window 8:00
Parallel Horizons 10:50
Points Between 14:29
Punctuation 1:54

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