Lift a Feather to the Flood
RELEASED: April 1, 2017
ARTIST: Robert Rich & Markus Reuter
LABEL: Soundscape
PRODUCER: Robert Rich
Lift a Feather to the Flood

Swimming defiantly upriver, through sonic swirls, fractal shards and crystalline clouds. Troubled, yet calm; an incantation to transform the luminous darkness.

Composed & Performed by Markus Reuter and Robert Rich
16-17 January 2017 at Soundscape, Mountain View.
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitar, Sequential P6, looping/feedback network.
Robert Rich: Acoustic piano, post-processing and additions.
Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Robert Rich
© 2017 by Markus Reuter (GEMA) and Robert Rich (BMI)


Robert Rich & Markus Reuter are well-known for their many musical journeys – from the back of beyond to the brink of the mainstream. On Lift a Feather to the Flood (66’00”) they mainly explore tonality, and many of its subtle shades and moods. With Rich at the grand, and Reuter breathing out atmospheres and textures from his touch guitar and synth, this duo realizes eight subtle thought zones meant for pondering and questioning – more so than assurance and confirmation. On Lift a Feather to the Flood we do find the dignified, stately procession of reverberant piano notes walking thoughtfully through a cloudy haze of digital mist. But the most potent pieces are made with an ear for light, motion and surface – compositions that we must reason our way through. It is in these deepest moments that we may feel this album’s personal tone. As they work in this unique frequency, using melody and harmony likes signs and symbols, Rich & Reuter lean into the Avant-Garde. Locating tone is their mission, and the production of these rarefied ambient zones touches a distinctive, inquiring energy, and maybe even a bit of our fear of the unknown. This work does seem to be searching, just for the stimulation of it – with Rich & Reuter sharing their deep wondering about music, humanity and life. This duo knows about this music’s secret mind, and in their dreamy, drifting, lulling, pulling sonics, we approach something like the actual flow of consciousness.
– Chuck van Zyl/STAR’S END 18 May 2017

Song List

1. We Shed the Remnants of Last Winter 7:13
2. Twining Branches Make a Path 9:53
3. Glistening on Wet Tarmac 5:45
4. Seedlings Push Through Cracks 8:19
5. These Storms Cast Shadows on the Ocean 7:41
6. We Once Forgot 10:24
7. That We Were Made of Stars 8:16
8. We Will Walk Away Unscathed 8:24

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