Humidity Album Cover
RELEASED: February 1, 2000
ARTIST: Robert Rich
LABEL: Hypnos/Soundscape

Humidity 3-CD sets are now sold out, but downloads remain available.

Three live concerts on a three CD set, Humidity captures the trance-inducing intensity of Rich’s dark ambient performances. Swirling abstract textures hover above deep throbbing tribal rhythms, while layered flutes and lap steel guitar blur against decomposed waves of rusting metal and shimmering light. This music merges harmonic sensibilities with Hermetic experimentalism, one of Rich’s most uncompromising releases.

released February 1, 2000

Disk 1 was recorded and simultaneously broadcast at Stanford University radio station KZSU as part of their annual Day Of Noise event. Disk 2 was recorded at Beyond Baroque in Venice, CA, as part of their Beyond Music Sound Festival. Disk 3 was recorded at Moby Disk in Pasadena, excerpted from an in-store concert. All concerts consisted primarily of improvised material, with the exception of Synergistic Perceptions (Disk1#4) and Hidden Refuge (Disk3#5) which appear originally on Rich/Lustmord:Stalker (HS11059), re-interpreted here with the kind permission of Brian Williams. All titles ©1994-1999 by Robert Rich, with the exception of 1#2 and 3#5 ©1995 by Robert Rich and Brian Williams. Published by Amoeba Music, BMI.

Edited and mastered by Robert Rich at Soundscape, Mountain View, 1999.

Cover Photo ©1999 by Brad Cole.

Song List

Lost Caverns of Caryatis 12:55
Bioelectric Plasma (live) 7:33
Demilitarized Zone 14:16
synergistic perceptions (Live) 10:52
Ceramic Tincture 6:28
Submission to Pele 7:22
Humidity Towards the Troposphere 14:25
Beyond Part 1 16:26
Beyond Part 2 6:43
Beyond Part 3 6:52
Beyond Part 4 6:13
Beyond Part 5 3:51
Beyond Part 6 7:14
Steel Harmonics 7:45
Nada (Live) 6:05
Cloud Relapse 7:04
Nightsky Reprise 16:56
Hidden Refuge (Live) 9:02
In a Miasma of Malarial Delusions 15:51

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