RELEASED: February 3, 1991
ARTIST: Robert Rich
LABEL: Spalax

I recorded the music on Geometry in 1986 and 1987, but I could not find a label interested in releasing it until the French label Spalax took it on for this first edition in 1991. The timing was a bit awkward, as I had signed with Hearts of Space in 1988 and was preparing to release my third album with them, Gaudí. The two releases came out just a few months apart. This French version sold out rather quickly, and I got the title back for another release on Kit Watkin’s Linden label in 1994. The CD cover shown above is the Linden release. Later in 1997, Hearts of Space offered to release a 2CD set with both Numena and Geometry.

Track List

1. Primes Part 1 5:18
2. Primes Part 2 6:34
3. Interlocking Circles 8:33
4. Geometry of the Skies 13:46
5. Nesting Ground 6:11
6. Geomancy 10:19
7. Amrita (Water of Life) 6:59
8. Logos 9:56

Geometry 1991 first edition, Spalax 14279, France,

1994 Release on Linden Music LM2022

1997 2CD Release on Hearts of Space “Numena + Geometry” with remastered versions of both albums. This one is still in print as of 2020.

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