RELEASED: January 15, 2014
ARTIST: Meridiem
LABEL: Soundscape
Meridiem: A Scattering Time

Dark, haunted, obsessional, confessional, confrontational, seductive, sonically uncompromising, psychologically probing, unapologetically intense. Percy Howard’s Meridiem explores uncomfortable corners of the human psyche, his soaring gospel-tinted classically trained voice threading through deeply etched improvisational textures with an intensity that borders on the psychotic. Robert Rich’s surrealist sonic landscape wraps a velvet texture around Meridiem’s shadowy pulsating heart. With contributions from Jarboe (Swans, Living Jarboe), Bill Laswell, Eraldo Bernocchi, Haroun Serang, Edo Castro, Ricky Carter, and many others, Meridiem’s “A Scattering Time” rewards repeated listening with its unforgettable lingering mood.

Meridiem is Percy Howard with Robert Rich and:
Eraldo Bernocchi, Jonathan Byerly, Ricky Carter, Edo Castro, Hans Christian, John Ettinger, Giovanna Flaggs, Kris Force, Jarboe, Bill Laswell, Andrew Luthringer, Spencer Murray, Renee Nelson, Haroun Serang, Steve Sullivan.

Recorded in 2000 at Soundscape Studio, Mountain View
Produced by Percy Howard and Robert Rich
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Robert Rich
Published by Amoeba Music, BMI;
except Carlotta and River Of Fire published by Jarboe Music ASCAP.
Artist Photo 2012 by Jeff Spirer
Artwork and Design by John Bergin



More information

“A Scattering Time” by Percy Howard’s Meridiem pushes the limits of
post-rock, reminiscent at times of Scott Walker, Massive Attack or
Crazy World of Arthur Brown. This is an intense album that has been
languishing in the dark for over a decade, lost during the breakdown
of independent record labels. Back in 2000, Percy came to Robert Rich’s
studio for a three month series of sessions. Robert played
on the album, and engineered, produced, mixed and mastered.

Concerned that this incredible music might get lost forever, Robert
decided to release it on his own Soundscape imprint. This is the first
group project that Robert has ever released on his label, because he feels
it makes an important contribution to evolving new sounds.

Percy Howard has collaborated with some of the most interesting performers in the world of progressive music, including Bill Laswell, Vernon Reid, Trey Gunn, Fred Frith, Buckethead and Jarboe. His intense voice evokes references to Arthur Brown, Scott Walker or David Sylvian. Previous Meridiem albums have been released on the Pangea and Voice Print labels.

“Showing how adventurous minds can reinvigorate popular idioms” – The Wire
“Truly a transcendent experience…one of the most convincing and emotive vocalists in America today” – Alternative Press
“A voice overwrought, yet vision-struck and humbled … creates a world all of its own.” – Melody Maker

Song List

Where You Stand 3:28
Retinal 4:09
Spy In The House Of Love 3:30
Believe 4:26
Carlotta 6:33
Veil 6:17
Blood Knot 6:17
Breathe 3:51
Factor Of 10 4:30
Dive Inside 5:36
River Of Fire 4:50

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