RELEASED: January 19, 2024
ARTIST: Steve Roach & Robert Rich
LABEL: Timeroom editions
Waves Of Now

Steve Roach and Robert Rich

We are excited to present this soulful 30 year reunion between two stalwarts of Ambient-Electronic music in its entirety, exactly as it occurred. Steve and Robert answered the urge for unification after a very long orbit and 40 year friendship, reuniting and engaging their collective creative process, fueled with decades of individual innovations, genre defining releases and worldwide concerts. 

Recorded live to a sold-out audience on December 5, 2023 at the Club Congress, Tucson Arizona. The set flowed through solo and duo passages, culminating in pieces from the classics Strata and Soma. The energy was electric throughout the night and the set that formed with a rapt audience is beautifully captured, presenting what feels like a hybrid studio – live convergence within the waves of now.

Recorded live at the Club Congress,Tucson Arizona, December 5, 2023
This event was produced by Steve Roach for the Ambient Lounge series
Live sound and recorded by Nathan Youngblood.
Mastered by Robert Rich
© 2024, Soundquest Music BMI, Amoeba Music BMI
Cover image © Maksymilian Novak-Zempliński used with permission

01 Filaments     – (Robert Rich)
02 Vetiver     – (Robert Rich)
03 Protista Mephista     – (Robert Rich)
04 Elevate the Hive Mind     – (Robert Rich)
05 Galvanic Response     – (Robert Rich)
06 Dendritic     – (Robert Rich)
07 Spirals of Compassion     – (Steve Roach)
08 Spirals of Desire        – (Steve Roach feat. Robert Rich)
09 Spirals of Yearning      – (Steve Roach)
10 Before We Leave  – (Steve Roach)
11 LightBorn                 – (Steve Roach & Robert Rich)
12 The Fearless Embrace           – (Steve Roach & Robert Rich)
13 Tanguy’s Garden         – (Steve Roach & Robert Rich)
14 Soma Waves     – (Steve Roach & Robert Rich)
15 Luna Waves     – (Steve Roach & Robert Rich)
16 Horizons     – (Steve Roach feat. Robert Rich)

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