RELEASED: January 1, 1990
ARTIST: Robert Rich & Steve Roach
LABEL: Hearts of Space

With Steve Roach

(Review from Aural archaeologists Rich and Steve Roach delve deep into the strata of the primordial mind in this acclaimed 1990 collaboration. They forge a symbiotic artistic alliance where their signature sonic motifs are generally abandoned for the sake of a collective sound. Implementing their combined arsenal of synths, samplers, flutes, drums, and steel guitar, the duo creates a variety of moods and atmospheres–serene ambiences (“The Grotto of Time Lost”), ritualistic, rhythmic invocations (“Fearless”), intense dark ambient spaces (“Magma”), and surreal, bubbling soundscapes (“Persistence of Memory [For Dali]”). As with their other works, the composers utilize a balanced blend of organic and electronic instrumentation in an exploration of the human psyche that is simultaneously primal and cerebral. This album was a critical and commercial success, remaining on the Billboard New Age charts for several months after its initial release. –Bryan Reesman

Track List

Fearless 4:32
Mica 5:00
Forever 4:50
The Grotto of Time Lost 9:03
Iguana 7:32
Magma 3:37
Persistence of Memory 5:09
Remembrance 2:22
Ceremony of Shadows 6:12
La Luna 10:39

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