RELEASED: August 1, 1989
ARTIST: Robert Rich
LABEL: Hearts of Space

(Review from On his first widespread release, Rich contemplates the ravaged state of the world’s rain forests, and the music herein reflects both the beauty and mystery of those gradually disappearing environments. These aspects of beauty and mystery are represented by pulsating, rhythmic tracks and denser atmospheric works, respectively. The former is epitomized by opening piece “Mbira,” a playful dance of xylophone-like percussion and bamboo flute accompanied by a fretless bass gently gliding over them; while the latter is best showcased in the ghostly flute free fall which builds during the eerie, airy “Sanctuary.” The composer has such an uncanny ability to conjure vivid musical imagery that can transport listeners into his vision of a rain forest. One can practically feel the dampness of the vegetation, envision the evergreen locale, and connect with the pulse of life within its dense ecosystem. Rainforest was Rich’s first breakthrough album, and it remains his most commercially successful. –Bryan Reesman

Track List

Mbira 4:11
The Forest Dreams of Bach 5:45
Drumsong 4:41
Surface 5:54
Sanctuary 6:24
Temple of Eyes 5:19
The Raining Room 6:51
Veil of Mist 10:38
A Passage in Bronze 3:30

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