RELEASED: May 24, 2020
ARTIST: Robert Rich
LABEL: Soundscape Productions
Offering to the Morning Fog

I made this very calm album in response to requests from listeners, who asked if I had any unreleased music that could offer a quiet place for them to breathe for a while. I didn’t have any old unreleased pieces like that, so I created something new.

To acknowledge the financial stress that many people are facing these days, I decided to set the download price for this album “Name Your Price” for a short time. If people use voluntary payment in a fair manner, I might extend the experiment.

CDs are now available directly from us, or through Bandcamp. Because of delays caused by the current pandemic, the supply chain to Amazon and other retailers is broken and may not get fixed until Autumn 2020.

Recorded in early 2020 at Soundscape, Mountain View
©2020 by Robert Rich, BMI
Robert Rich played PVC flutes, Prophet X, Haken Continuum, e520.
Many thanks to Sequential, Synthesis Technology, and many.
Gratitude to the builders and listeners.

Cover design by John Bergin

1. Distant Traveler 13:13
2. Cantus for Hospitality 09:34
3. Oneiric Cocoon 11:03
4. Awake When Shadows Walk 11:05
5. Refuge in Breathing 10:48
6. Fall Up, the Clouds Will Catch You 12:07


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