RELEASED: June 15, 1985
ARTIST: Robert Rich
LABEL: Soundscape, Hypnos
Inner Landscapes

I sold the first handmade cassettes in Inner Landscape in 1985, soon after the concert in Berkeley that I recorded on reel to reel tape. I edited the original 2 1/2 hour concert down to 90 minutes. Later, the Freeman Brothers in the UK asked if they could make some copies for their Auricle label.

In the late 1990s, I made a digital transfer of the tapes, edited the concert very differently from the original cassette, and remastered it for CD the Hypnos label. Yet later, in 2013, Hypnos released a deluxe 2CD edition of Inner Landscapes along with my first album Sunyata.

Cassette Track List

Side 1: (45 Min.)
Descent into the First Chamber

Side 2: (40 min.)
First Chamber
Second Chamber
Third Chamber

Recorded live on 9 March 1985,
in Berkeley, California.

custom modular synthesizer,
Sequential Prophet 5 & Six Trak,
bamboo flutes,lap steel guitar

Original handmade cassette cover from 1985

Auricle 2nd cassette edition AMC029 from 1987

1999 First CD edition on Hypnos (hyp1915)

2013 2CD Hypnos edition of Sunyata + Inner Landscapes (hyp3363)

1. Dervish Dreamtime 19:42
2. Oak Spirits 43:27
3. Inner Landscapes Part 1 13:22
4. Inner Landscapes Part 2 11:20
5. Inner Landscapes Part 3 08:14
6. Inner Landscapes Part 4 13:25
7. Inner Landscapes Part 5 07:09
8. Inner Landscapes Part 6 02:21
9. Inner Landscapes Part 7 09:21
10. Inner Landscapes Part 8 08:42

Notes from the CD reissue:

Inner Landscapes documents portions of a concert from 1985. This represents a growth period for me, when I wanted to perform shorter concerts that were completely improvised, while still maintaining the intensity of my all-night sleep concerts. At the time, “shorter” meant three hours with no break. I released two live albums from this era, and of these I think Inner Landscapes holds up better over time. It’s one of my few live recordings from this period that captures a bit of the thick atmosphere of the event. While editing it for CD release, I had to choose from over two hours of tape, giving me a chance to restructure the crossfades and remove some weaker material. It’s different from the original (and hopefully better.)

The CD reissue is dedicated to the memory of Will Knoffke, who scheduled this concert at his storefront meeting-place called Shared Visions. His tireless efforts helped many new thinkers find a public voice. He provided a friendly, funky place for people to meet and try new ideas. He sponsored many of my sleep concerts and other early performances. Bleary eyed at 4:00 AM I would take a break backstage only to find him working diligently in his office, and I wondered if he ever slept. Now at last he sleeps, perchance still dreaming. Thanks, Will.

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