RELEASED: September 30, 2022
ARTIST: Robert Rich and Luca Formentini
LABEL: Soundscape Productions
For Sundays When It Rains

In an empty room, beams of sunlight peak through gaps. Small motes of dust shimmer calmly as they float, meaningless specs hovering in the dance of energy that permeates our vivid world.

We find common ground in the oscillating fields of connection and creation, between ourselves and our perceived realities, and our desire to invent an idealized world from those perceptions.

We pare down our musical language to its simple essence to allow a listener to enter between the cracks, to participate in the subjective theater of an ancient alliance between sound and imagination.

We began this album during three intense days at Robert’s new home in Carmel, CA, and we finished during the following months in our respective studios near Lake Garda, Italy and near the California coast.

1 First Day 3:43
2 For Sundays When It Rains 4:38
3 Passacaglia 4:15
4 Motes Float in Window Light 7:05
5 Rune 4:16
6 Second Day 4:14
7 Finding Lights 6:14
8 Book Without Pages 3:00
9 Initiation 4:20
10 Murmurs 3:17
11 Clouds Into Drops 4:37
12 Memento 7:28

Total Time 57:12






Recorded between February and June 2022 at Soundscape, Carmel CA USA and Luca’s studio near Lake Garda, Italy.

© 2022 by Robert Rich (BMI) and Luca Formentini (SIAE). Edited, mixed and mastered by Robert Rich.

Luca Formentini played acoustic, electric and fretless guitars. (

Robert Rich played piano, flutes, Haken Continuum, Sequential Prophet X & 12, Synthtech e520, lap steel guitar. (  )

Graphic design by John Bergin (


Review from Chuck Van Zyl on Stars End:

On For Sundays When It Rains (57’10”) Robert Rich & Luca Formentini collaborate to elevate all those who will listen. Within these twelve chilled spaces imaginations grow. Our inner realm feels flooded with warmth and light, while the world around us turns steadily towards tomorrow. Their placid moods breathe dark then light. Speaking in clean chords and lilting melodies, the listener feels an honesty that few musicians are capable of calling forth. This album does not push against limits, but rather roams around easily inside of us – between the mind and the heart. In the interweaving of atmosphere, texture and mood notes of cloudy flute settle above reverberant grand piano. The subtle sweeps of contrast keep you attentive and charmed, yet For Sundays When It Rains is consistently inventive while it wanders through an enlightened field of form and invention. As delicate acoustic guitar rambles amid soft sighs of airy lightness, timeless tones of untold space consume idyllic scenes. Overseen by two rouge spirits, this release reveals a truth about Rich & Formentini. We must admire this duo’s ability to empty our thoughts of everything other than the music itself – as what appears to be just a few spare keys and chords conjures a remarkably detailed interior realm. In a high sonic style they access mysterious influences to form a singular stillness outside the neutrality of basic Ambient Music. Taking the listeners as well as the players into its confidence, this music seems formed over a night of balmy dreams and friendly visitations – as it waits patiently For Sundays When It Rains.

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