RELEASED: January 15, 2015
ARTIST: Robert Rich
LABEL: Soundscape
PRODUCER: Robert Rich

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Inspired by our latest forays in cosmology and the constant search to understand our place in the vastness. Shimmering, pulsating, woven patterns of electrical filagree echo hidden structures that permeate our Universe.


An artist engaged in producing compelling music, Robert Rich’s ears are attuned to frequencies of nature as equally as they are to those of the electronic. Containing nine tracks, each uniquely glowing with a self-generated light, the CD Filaments (59’16”) is Rich’s audible carrier of contemplative messages. His clear steel guitar voice, foregrounded over driving tone patterns, easily activates our mental mechanics. Beneath cavernous reverberations, ghostly traces of sound writhe in shadowland interludes. Within the slow burning, controlled drama of brief quietude, spacey chording rises in chilling synthesizer shades. It is here that simpler flute motifs are permitted to evoke their own sonic poetry. Filaments features an abundance of music…

Recorded 2012-2014 by Robert Rich at Soundscape, Mountain View, CA.
Mixed and mastered in Autumn 2014. © 2014 by Robert Rich, BMI. Instruments include MOTM and Euro modular, DSI P12 and Pro2, Lap Steel Guitars (by Todd Plummer and Morrell), Korg Wavestatiion and M3, zither, piano, Eowave Ribbon and Resonator, various other instruments. Thanks to many, including Synthesis Technology, Dave Smith Instruments, 2C Audio, Izotope, Old Crow, STG, Ableton, and of course Dixie.

Front cover painting “Luminary” © Nad Wolinska, inside painting “Three Spheres Reflecting Upon Each Other” © Daniel Cake, used with permission and gratitude. “Luminary” photo by Christian Tanimoto III.

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