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Interview & thoughts on reprinting

Hi everyone. I’m in between projects now, and getting set for some upcoming events. I’ll give links to three concerts in the near future. First, I wanted to offer a link to an interview I did with Chuck Van Zyl in Philadelphia, here: Furthermore, I’m pondering the significance of letting some titles go out […]

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Free 3-song EP for Moog

The good folks at Moog Music asked me to make some music with the Moog Voyager RME to commemorate its end of production. They just announced it here: Almost all of the sounds come from the rack-mount Voyager, with some mangling via Metasonix, Eowave Resonator and Eventide H3000.

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Robert Rich – Perpetual


Perpetual - a Somnium Continuum Epic 15 hour long Blu-ray disc, based on Robert's all-night Sleep Concerts. New 8-hour "Perpetual" accompanied by the original 7-hour "Somnium"

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