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Perpetual has landed!

We have been in a frenzy of shipping since the 15-hour Blu-ray sequel to Somnium arrived at our doorstep yesterday. It’s a good kind of busy, though!

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Sleep Returns! (the concert, that is)

Tokyo, 17 October 2014: I’ll play a shortened sleep concert to close an event called “Wails to Whispers” with Fushitusha, Violent Onsen Geisha, Masonna, Melt-Banana, MMMOOONNNOOO, Keiji Haino with Hurdy Gurdy. Also, in a few weeks I should have the Blu-ray discs for “Perpetual: a Somnium Continuum” with 15 hours of audiophile nocturnal bliss. [...]

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Robert Rich – Perpetual


Perpetual - a Somnium Continuum Epic 15 hour long Blu-ray disc, based on Robert's all-night Sleep Concerts. New 8-hour "Perpetual" accompanied by the original 7-hour "Somnium"

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Robert Rich – Premonitions 1980-1985


Premonitions 4-LP Box set, numbered and limited to 500 copies, focusing on Rich's earliest compositions, mostly unreleased. Epic early ambient and experimental electronics.

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