Inner Landscapes


Released 1985

Auricle AMC0029, CD

CD Baby
Recorded Live, Berkeley, CA, 9 March 1985

Cassette release

(From review by Hans Stoeve) Inner Landscapes is unquestionably classic Robert Rich ambience. Here are changed time scales where one minute becomes ten. Rich's music is all about slowing down time, slowing down your mind as well as yourself. It's also about 'hearing' harmonies in new ways. Here are references to Indian, African and Indonesian musics. Electronics and drones merge with beautiful flute lines, aided with what Hassell might describe as coffee coloured textures, complete with insect like noises merging effortlessly and seamlessly. A wonderful sense of serenity pervades this recording. Originally recorded 1985, a year before he stopped his now legendary all night sleep concerts. Robert Rich, like Steve Roach, Jon Hassell, Brian Eno consistently creates interesting music.