Live (cassette)


Released 1984

Psychout Productions/Multimood 001, CD

Cassette release

Long out of print, "Live" was the first release on the Swedish Multimood label, then came out later through the British Auricle label. "Live" collects two early concerts during Robert's formative period, when he performed long improvised streams of sound in unusual settings. Robert later considered re-mastering some of this music for a reissue, but decided that the recordings did not live up to modern sonic expectations. We show it here for historical interest.

Update in 2014: Two 25 minute edits of these two concerts will be included in a retrospective 4-LP set (yes, vinyl) due out on VoD from Germany, in April 2014. Catalog VOD 122 "Robert Rich Premonitions 1979-1985"