Sunyata (cassette)


Released 1982

Soundscape Productions SP001, CD

CD Baby
Cassette release

Robert Rich's first solo album Sunyata, recorded in the winter of 1981-1982, captured a concentrated version of the Sleep Concerts that he began playing those same years. With its intense, slow, encompassing sound, this music was intended to encourage altered states of consciousness, a clear statement about music's role as psychoactive stimulus.

In 1999, Robert re-mastered the 1981 recordings from their original analog tapes for this CD release on Hypnos. When this pressing sells out, "Sunyata" will become a download-only release. Please note that the original 90 minute cassette included the title track "Sunyata (Emptiness)" which does not appear on the latter CD. Instead it appears on the 2CD set "Trances/Drones."