Sunyata (re-release)


Released 2000

Hypnos re-release HYP2026, CD

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This CD pressing is now out of stock, as of Autumn 2011. The music has been re-released in 2013 on "Sunyata & Inner Landscapes" HYP3363.

Robert Rich's first solo album Sunyata, recorded in the winter of 1981-1982, captured a concentrated version of the Sleep Concerts that he began playing those same years. With its intense, slow, encompassing sound, this music was intended to encourage altered states of consciousness, a clear statement about music's role as psychoactive stimulus.

In 1999, Robert re-mastered the 1981 recordings from their original analog tapes for this CD release on Hypnos. When this pressing sells out, "Sunyata" will become a download-only release. Please note that the original cassette included the title track "Sunyata (Emptiness)" which does not appear on the CD. Instead it appears on the 2CD set "Trances/Drones."

Design by Mike Griffin, artwork by Robert Rich