Amoeba - Pivot


Released 2000

Release RR6474-2, CD

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"Pivot" pushes Amoeba's diffuse and hypnotic sound into a finely etched excursion towards universal emotional landscapes, hinting at elements beyond our control. Molded from influences of British folk-rock, organic ambience, psychedelia and personal unveiling, "Pivot" sounds more melodic and discreet than Rich & Davies debut "Watchful" but still dreamy and introspective, a worthy successor and a unique experience in the realm of introspective songwriting.

Personnel: Robert Rich - voice, piano, harmonium, synths, steel guitar, flutes. Rick Davies - electric and acoustic guitars.

with: Don Swanson - drums Andrew McGowan - bass Hans Christian - cello BobDog Catlin - megaptera vina (Underground) Forrest Fang - violin (Sparks) Tom Heasley - Tuba (Traces, Sparks)

Copyright 1999 by Robert Rich and Rick Davies, Lyrics by Robert Rich. Published by Amoeba music, BMI and R. Davies, BMI. Recorded at Soundscape, Mountain View, 1998-99. Produced and Mixed by Robert Rich. Design and artwork by John Bergin