Atlas Dei (DVD)


Released 2007

Soundscape Productions SP011, DVD

Surround Music One

A film by Daniel Colvin
Music by Robert Rich

This DVD is now sold out. We may try to release it again in a form that offers higher resolution graphics while maintaining the surround audio, but the world of film distribution has made this increasingly difficult. You can purchase a download of the full 90 minute soundtrack in 5 channel surround at the Surround Music One link above. (

Watch Samples: Trailer | The Convolution | Platonic

A lyrical journey through time and space into the mystery of our cosmos. In this feature length film, musician Robert Rich and filmmaker Daniel Colvin weave the strands of science, myth, and poetic vision into a powerful and compelling tapestry of the human enigma.

High resolution motion graphics, in panoramic 3:1 aspect ratio, with letterbox. Featuring 90 minutes of 5 channel surround mixes of Robert Rich compositions.