RELEASED: January 15, 2019
ARTIST: Robert Rich
LABEL: Soundscape
Tactile Ground

Can we find a tactile ground,
an animal surface upon which to calibrate our humanity?

Skin telegraphs sensation from air,
filtered from distant worlds.
Language constricts our sense of self
to an illusion of separation.
The verb of living, flux and transmutation,
expands outward from the middle,
concentric ripples on a pond.
We drop through the surface,
pebbles tossed from the shore.

Track List

Tactile Ground Part 1: Location
1. The Sentience of Touch 09:02
2. Eroding Columns 07:58
3. Shrouded Lattice 09:20
4. A Skein for Skin 09:12
5. The Abiding Wheel 07:05
6. Language of Breezes 14:30
Total Time: 57:06

Tactile Ground Part 2: Dislocation
1. Radiant Groundlines 07:46
2. Haptic Incursions 09:14
3. Glassmaker’s Sand 05:02
4. Senescent Architecture 04:30
5. Heat Island Effect 07:19
6. Dominion of Microns 04:06
7. Tentative Unfolding 05:47
8. Elevations 07:02
9. Meridian Respiration 08:46
Total Time: 59:31


©2018 by Robert Rich, BMI

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by R. Rich
in 2018 at Soundscape, Mountain View.
Using Synthesis Technology, Old Crow, STG, L-1,
Intellijel, Sequential PX & P12, Haken Continuum,
LeafAudio Soundbox, lap steel, flutes, piano, odds & ends.
Processing with 2C Audio, Audio Damage, Michael Norris, SoundHack.
Thanks to Dixie, the crows and so many others for inspiration & friendship.
Ink-works and text by R.Rich, layout by John Bergin.
Artwork information at robertrich.com/graphic-art

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