Free Music: “Frozen Day”

I finished a new piece last week, focusing on the ideas of time and place. Perhaps because I’m turning 50 next week, time is an increasingly interesting idea. “Frozen Day” is up on SoundCloud now, as a gift to you, a one-hour composition that compresses 24 hours of a day and blurs the harmonic fabric of each moment into a shifting drone:

I plan to keep this up for a month or so. Later, perhaps, it might become part of a larger release.

Lecture in Berkeley CA., Wed. 7 Aug. 2013

I’ll give a 20 minute talk for the Leonardo Society Art & Science Rendezvous (LASER) on Berkeley campus this Wednesday. Info here: The meeting starts at 6:30 PM, I’ll talk around 7:30. Free admission and all are welcome.

“Slow Music in a Manic World”
Robert Rich discusses the context for his personal style of introverted music, tracing a lineage of sound focused on a listener’s state of mind rather than the composer’s ego. He finds Pauline Oliveros’ phrase ‘Deep Listening’ more useful than Eno’s term ‘ambient’. He’ll mix a casual overview of antecedents with many musical samples.