Zerkalo shipping frenzy

Zerkalo is here, and listeners seem interested. We’ve seen a flurry of activity. As soon as I returned from Earthdance I found packs of Zerkalo artwork awaiting from St. Petersburg, Russia. The actual CDs arrived on Thursday September 18, so we announced its availability on Friday as my wife Dixie and I began assembling packages. By Sunday we had almost 200 orders, and we only managed to get caught up this evening (Wednesday.) We’ve been buried in shipments, and Dixie stayed up most of two nights packing envelopes and boxes.

Because of the strong response, it’s possible that I might be able to get a few more copies from Russia. Here in Mountain View, we’re 2/3 sold out. The pressing is still limited to 1000, but we may have enough demand from local fans that we can request additional disks shipped to us. That will be more affordable for North Americans than ordering copies from Russia. After remaining copies sell, Zerkalo will revert to a download-only release.

Now that we’re caught up on Zerkalo orders, I’m able to update the website as you see here, and next I hope to burn some CDRs of the new release to send to radio and press, since there aren’t enough originals to give away. My apologies to the radio folks who get only CDR copies (I noticed some of you have already ordered originals.)

I admit I am running behind on a bunch of outside work, including several remix requests, and sound design for the presets on a new synth. Immediate deadlines include surround mixes for a corporate client, and ongoing weekly lectures for my audio mastering class at Cogswell College, interspersed by occasional disruptions of sleep, cooking, and the demands of harvest during winemaking season – among my favorite forms of relaxation. More as it happens. Thanks for listening! – RR

Earthdance Videos

The Earthdance event in Wisconsin was very pleasant. An intimate crowd of about 300 people, only a few dozen whom I could see while I performed, looking out into the rural night beyond the black lights illuminating the chill stage. Apparently many invisible ears were listening in their tents nearby. After my set, I hung out behind the video screen with the guys from PakaPaka, who were improvising graphics while I played. One of them posted some excerpts on YouTube. Here they are, imbedded below. Hopefully your browser won’t try to play them all at once: