Posts for March 27, 2008
New CD – React

News as of March 18, 2008 New Live CD React: Robert Rich and Ian Boddy A live recording from last

March 27, 2008
Reprinting Titles

I’m making some difficult decisions about various titles that have sold out of their last pressing (or they’ll sell out

March 26, 2008
2007 Tour Journal

Monday May 21 – Depart Monday morning around 10 am. I wake Dixie up to say goodbye. She was up

March 19, 2008
2003 Tour Journal

Friday May 16 – Piedmont, CA, Piedmont Yoga Studio. I’ve been playing a lot of piano for the last month

March 19, 2008
Robert’s Hand Blog

Robert’s Hand Blog If you are viewing this page, you probably heard that I injured my hand quite badly in

March 19, 2008
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